Vetforce – Starting Out

Today I started Vetforce. It’s basically Trailhead for veterans. What is Trailhead? It’s a training platform by Salesforce, the world’s #1 CRM. Simply put, a whole lot of companies use Salesforce and they need qualified people who knows their way around the platform.

Hence, I’m basically doing it because upon completion of certain Vetforce goals, Salesforce offers free exam preparation classes and also exam vouchers for those who wants official certification. These can add up to $4,500 so it’s a very good deal.


Starting out is not an easy process. It got confusing. The best advice I can give to anybody thinking about either Vetforce or Trailhead is to have somebody IRL show you around and explain things to you. If nobody’s around (just like in my case), then the next best thing would be to explore, explore, and explore until you get the hang of it.

Pro tip: Concentrate on completing modules that are part of an official Vetforce Trailmix. Always make sure the name of the Trailmix is in the “Vetforce: NAME OF GOAL HERE” format. It shall also say “Trailmix – Team Vetforce” in the header to ensure you get credit for all your hard work.

My Roadmap


  1. Sign up for Vetforce. DONE
  2. Complete Vetforce: Salesforce Certified Administrator DONE
  3. Blast through Vetforce: Business Analyst DONE
  4. Finish all Vetforce: Salesforce Platform App Builder
  5. Detour to Become an AI Trailblazer
  6. Come full circle and pass the Salesforce Administrator Certification.


If you’re looking for ways to become more marketable, consider the Salesforce platform. For veterans, register at Vetforce pronto! If you’re not, go straight to Trailhead and work on them superbadges!

Until next time, peace out!

Fundamentals of Data Science: What is Data Science?

Data science understood through

  • vocabulary
  • industry leaders
  • myths
  • data products


An interdisciplinary science and supported by data (digital representation of information), Data Science combines formal science (Math, Logic) and applied science (Sociology, Stats, Computer Science).

It provides actionable intelligence via testable explanations, predictions, interactive intelligence, and intelligent machines.

Industry Leaders

“… a hybrid skill set that combines analytical, statistical, development and engineering skills that enable a team to provide value insights, and direction to people.”

Ann-Jinette Hess, Data Scientist/Manager @ Rackspace

“… equal parts hacker, stats geek, and entrepreneur.”

Chris Chapo, Data Scientist @ Analytical-Solution

“…detecting patterns that can then be used to help people make better decisions.”

Alice Zhen, Data Scientist/Manager @ Amazon


  1. Data Science == Statistics
    • Used in data science but it’s only a small part of it
  2. Data Science == Business Analyst
    • light on decision science and heavy on KPI reporting
  3. Data Science == Data Science
    • no common understanding between hiring managers, recruiters, and applicants
  4. Data Science curriculum is consistent across educators
    • different curricula
  5. If I want to be a data scientist, I just need to learn how to use R or Python.
    • autoCAD does not make an architect


  • Recommenders – YouTube, Netflix, Social Media, Pinterest, Amazon
  • Optimization – UPS No Left Turn Project
  • Advertising – how to make people click ads
  • Social Services – The Crisis Text Line
  • Cyber Security – account takeovers, fraud detection